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Association Overview

The Munich Chinese Association (referred to as “Muhuahui”, German acronym CVM) is a non-profit association officially incorporated in the local court of Munich, Bavaria, Germany, with independent decision-making power. Muhuahui promotes Sino-German economic and trade exchanges and cultural, scientific and educational exchanges by helping entrepreneurs, providing consultation and organizing activities.

Government Cooperation

As the largest Chinese association in southern Germany, the Munich Chinese Association has always adhered to the principle of “strengthening international understanding between China and Germany” and built an invisible bridge between China and Germany to help the Chinese government and the German government and enterprises. Conduct effective communication, communication and cooperation.

Business Consulting

The Association invites senior German professionals to hold regular lectures on real estate, taxation, law and insurance related services, so that the majority of overseas Chinese in Dehua can understand their own interests and protect themselves through legal channels.

Association Activities

Over the years, Muhuahui has been committed to serving the Chinese in all aspects, enhancing the workplace and enriching the amateur life. Through a variety of methods, including organizing, co-organizing and media platform support, the association has organized a variety of high-quality events.