Culture and art activities

Since 2017, Muhuahui has added cultural and artistic categories to the association's activities through organization, co-organizers and media platform support, which further deepens the influence of the association and expands the service functions of the association.

NORNAMENTS:Group exhibition Opening


Chen Guannan, Ou Jiun-You and Wang Qi are all female jewelrydesigning artists. They are put together in this group exhibitionbecause their art all convey a shared concept: things that are familiarbut have never been perceived.

"Xiao Zhao speaks Art" - Art gallery on-site explanation series of activities (3)


On the day of “520”, Munich art lovers participated in the third lecture of the series of activities organized by Muhuahui and teamed up with “Xiao zhao speaks art”. Participants said this was "I have a date with art." The theme of the third lecture is: European art genre under the influence of the French Enlightenment - neoclassicalism, romanticism and realism.

"Xiao Zhao speaks Art" - Art gallery on-site explanation series of activities (2)


Initiated by Muhuahui, teamed up with the "Xiao zhao speaks art" art museum to explain the series of activities, and once again meet everyone who loves art. The theme of the event was “When Baroque met Rococo”, Mr. Xiao Zhao explained the works of masters of these two periods in the old painting gallery in Munich.

"Xiao Zhao speaks Art" - Art gallery on-site explanation series of activities (1)


On Sunday before Christmas, initiated by Mu Huahui, he joined hands with “Xiao Zhao Speaking Art” to lead art lovers and shared a dry and artistic tour of the old art museum in Munich. The "Christmas Special Edition" was the first round of the series of activities of the Muhuahui "Xiaozhao Art" exhibition.

Fall, doesn't come -- the second pop music show of the Munich Chinese Association


Muhuahui teamed up with Huaxing Art Troupe and Munich Paramount, Page 5, Jokers Band and Munich Spice Girls Dance Troupe Munices Dance crew to bring the second pop music festival to Chinese friends in Mucheng!

“Spreading and moving China” large-scale charity event ∙ Munich Station


Organized by Shanghai Handmade Expo Organizer, Beauty Mind Charity Foundation (BMF), Shanghai Public Art Collaborative Innovation Center (PACC), JOJO Patchwork Workshop, Munich Chinese Association, Munich Huaxing Art Troupe Activity income will be donated to autistic children, poor children and patchwork art groups.

Brilliant Years - 2016 Munich Chinese New Music Festival


Muhuahui teamed up with Brand, Page 5, Jokers and other Munich luxury lineups and special guests from North Rhine-Westphalia to bring the first pop music festival to Chinese friends in Munich!

Muhua Voice Concert


The Munich Chinese Association invited the PRIMS Music Studio and the Musheng Choir MuniChor to create a concert between Chinese and Western audiences with the support of the German Kaiyuan Tourism Group and DMS financial advisors.

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