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Muhuahui Health Sharing Session: Women's Breast Health and Self-Examination


Health is of the utmost importance to everyone. This is the greatest asset in life, and the quality of life that can be discussed with health. For female friends, the prevention and treatment of breast diseases is particularly important, both in terms of health and beauty, and has a major impact on the physical and psychological well-being of female friends.

[Yuan Lai, If You Are the One], Huamei Masked Wine Party


Hosted by the Munich Chinese Association,


The matchmaker of the matchmaker Xia,


The red wine masquerade was a complete success

"The fate is you" - Second season


The second season of Munich's large-scale fashion dating companion sponsorship sponsored by Caesars Travel is the second season of the Isa River. The show attracted 12 outstanding female guests from all over Germany and 8 graceful male guests, bravely stood on stage and searched for their own other half. Under the stage, more than 400 people from all walks of life in Munich and surrounding areas gathered together to help the talented and beautiful people on the stage, and witnessed the fate of the fate.

Muhuahui Member Promotion Cooperative Restaurant Tasting Activities Yulanchuan Restaurant


There is no red lantern, no ink and blue, no gold and jade, and when you step into Yulan, you feel comfortable in a foreign country. Different from other Chinese restaurants in Germany, Magnolia's menus are relatively simple. There are no hundreds of meals for chickens, ducks, pigs and cows that have been tasted in Germany. Instead, they are replaced by chickens, ducks, pigs and cows. Specially prepared Sichuan cuisine.

Muhuahui Jazz Bar Theme Photography Party


This time we invited the well-known beauty photographer Guoling of Mucheng to benefit the little friends! She is good at capturing the personality and charm of the model and integrating it into the performance. At the same time, she also pays attention to the communication with the model, so that the beautiful young man in front of the camera presents the best self in a relaxed state.

Muhuahui Member Promotion Cooperative Restaurant Tasting Activity New Banquet Buffet Hot Pot


When it comes to banquets, the pros will definitely think of the self-help hot pot that was once stunned and rumored. Then you will be out of the way. Since the re-arrangement, the new banquet hot pot has returned strongly in the third season. Time vegetables, everything.

Muhuahui member discount cooperation restaurant restaurant trial activities of the new Sovereign Sichuan cuisine


When it comes to Junhao, the first thing that children's shoes think of is - hot pot and barbecue buffet. Then you are out of the way, because Sovereign cancels the buffet, and will later play Sichuan cuisine.

Muhuahui member discount cooperation restaurant restaurant Xiangxiang Xuan


The Munich Chinese Association organized a group tour for the Sichuanese Hunan cuisine lovers to go to Xiangxiangxuan to try the spicy hot and delicious to boiled boiled beef, chopped pepper head, spicy crayfish, Wushan grilled fish, hemp Potofu, saliva chicken, etc.

"The fate is you" Munich first large fashion dating dating reality show season


The ceremony of the South Germans, "There is a reason for you" Munich's large-scale fashion dating partner reality show officially kicked off at the Trudering Cultural Center. 13 beautiful and beautiful single female guests, after a month of preparation, nervous preparation, female guests finally got on the edge is your stage!