German Real Estate Consulting

Financing channels for German real estate seminars


The Munich Chinese Association once again joined hands with the founder of JUN PLUS+ Consulting GmbH, the founder of the German Yongzheng Consulting Co., Ltd., and IHK certified loan financing consultant Ms. Luo Jun gave a detailed introduction to the German mortgage loan information.


The Munich Chinese Association joined hands with the Kaiyuan Travel Group to bring the third lecture on the series of activities of the “Muhuahui-Kaiyuan” real estate lecture hall for the Chinese. The seminar was fortunate to invite veterans from the German real estate industry to introduce participants to the popular projects of real estate investment in Munich.

Taxation Raiders for German Real Estate Lectures


Muhuahui teamed up with Kaiyuan Zhouyou Group to invite AMI Accounting and Taxation Office to offer a series of lectures on German real estate for Chinese friends.

Secrets to buy a house in Germany


The specific contents of the briefing session are all knowledge points that must be known and easily overlooked by the buying community, including knowledge about new houses, self-built houses, and second-hand houses.