Sino-German Tax and Legal Consulting

"Muhuahui - Kaiyuan" Taxation Hall: 2018 tax declaration


In order to help everyone sort out the problem of personal tax return as soon as possible, Muhuahui and Kaiyuan Zhouyou Group, at the beginning of the opening year, specially invited Ms. Cui Yanqing, head of the Chinese Affairs Department of AMI PARTNERS, a famous tax official in Munich, to explain the topics of concern to German employees. Including the obligations and scope of reporting income in Germany, deductible expenses and expenses, taxes generated by property rental, etc.

Sino-German mergers and acquisitions seminar


At the invitation of the Munich Chinese Association and Kaiyuan Zhouyou Group, one of the world's top law firms, Director of the China Affairs Department of Eversheds Sutherland (Germany, LLP) and Liu Ling, the executive director of the Jude Chinese Law Association, The guests gave a special lecture on the merger of dry goods.

Muhuahui Entrepreneurship Lecture Series - German limited liability company corporate tax topic


The Munich Chinese Association of Germany and QFS Qianshuisi Accounting and Tax Law Firm explained the financial and tax obligations of German limited liability companies, invoice specifications, VAT refunds and other common corporate tax issues for the majority of Chinese business operators. I would like to introduce you to the relevant information on the purchase of real estate in Germany.

Muhuahui Entrepreneurship Lecture Series - Establishment and operation of a German company


The Munich Chinese Association Entrepreneurship Lecture Series is pleased to invite Liu Ling, a well-known Chinese lawyer at An Rui International Law Firm, to present a special lecture on law. Ms. Liu has many years of experience in the practice of German law firms. In this lecture, the participants interpret the legal issues of German company establishment and company operation, and provide on-site consultation.


Personal tax declaration is a very important issue for every taxpayer. Improper operation may violate the law and bear criminal responsibility. If properly handled, it can reasonably avoid tax and increase "income". Faced with the complicated regulations on tax returns and tax rebates in Germany, many people in Dehua still have negative passive questions. In order to help people deal with personal tax returns and tax rebates more sensibly, the Munich Chinese Association invited Ms. Qiao Fei, a senior German tax agent, to explain the personal knowledge of tax returns and tax refunds in Germany.