Association overview


The Chinesischer Verein München e.V. (Referred to as "Mu Huahui", Chinesischer Verein München e.V., German abbreviation CVM) is a non-profit association officially incorporated in the local court of Munich, Bavaria, Germany, with independent decision-making power.


As the largest Chinese association in southern Germany, Muhuahui provides consultations, organizes activities to promote Sino-German trade, cultural and economic science and technology exchanges, promotes assistance each other among overseas Chinese, and helps Chinese communities better integrate into  German society, also helps German society understand the Chinese community and enhances the reputation and influence of Chinese in German society.


On August 1, 2014, a Sino-German social network and mutual benefit promotion group with extensive coverage, huge amount of information, close contact and frequent interaction were formally established. The name is changed from "Tang Salon" into Munich Chinese Association. The number of association has grown from an initial seven to more than a thousand members.

Event review


Co-organized "Dong Cheng xi jiu on the workplace - speech and seminar". Click for details


Ms. Xia Bing, Vice President of the Munich Chinese Association, and Ms. Hu Yan, President of the Munich Chinese Association Beijing Branch, were invited to participate in the “[2019 Juying Forum] gathering talents and creating great achievements”. Click for details


"Muhuahui - Kaiyuan" Taxation Hall: 2018 tax declaration. Click for details


[2018 Haibo Fair] Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Munich Chinese Association signed the "Entrusted Investment Cooperation Agreement". Click for details


Co-organized 2018 Beijing Municipal College Job Fair (German Station). The overseas talent service institutions established by the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government are important windows and main channels for the introduction of overseas talents in Beijing. The center is responsible for the evaluation of the introduction of overseas high-level talents in the “Haiju Project” in Beijing, and recommends overseas high-level talents and projects for municipal institutions, universities, research institutes, medical and health institutions, state-owned enterprises, and enterprise parks. Major science and technology projects, key discipline construction and important industry development provide support for the introduction of overseas high-level talents and intelligence.     


Co-organized China (Baoan) - Germany (Munich) Smart Manufacturing Investment Exchange.  Click for details


Real estate lecture series were launched.    Click to view more information


Xiamen City recruiting talents symposium was successfully held in Munich, Germany. News link (Chinese webpage)   


Invited to attend the 4th "Hai Ke Cup" Global Overseas Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition European Finals. News link (Chinese webpage)    

Huang Jianfa, Member of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department
Huang Jianfa, Member of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department


Co-organized the Shenzhen Baoan District Large Enterprise Munich Job Fair. 


Bavarian Chinese Tea Party -- Spring Business Forum 2018. Mr. Xiao Jiaxiang, President of Muhuahui, hosted the tea party, introduced the guests and the process, and announced the start of the tea party.


The 2018 Art Sharing Series launched by Ms. Zhang Zhao, the director of the association, was launched.


The exhibition of "Zhao Zhao's Art" is an on-site series of activities. The founder of "Xiao Zhao Speak Art", Zhang Zhao and the Munich Chinese Association, bring you the spiritual food of art.  


2017 Dongguan "Song Lake Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Europe)


Invited by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Zhanjiang Municipal Government to attend the China Ocean Expo, and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Zhanjiang City Committee. News link (Chinese webpage)